Wired to Care offers a roadmap to success paved with empathy, where caring contributes more to the potential success of a company than cost cutting, and where hope is more important than hype. The bottom line is better profits, better products, and happier employees. There is a better day for business (thankfully) when companies are wired to care.”
– Robyn Waters, former VP of Trend, Target Stores and author of
    The Hummer and the Mini

WIRED TO CARE is nominally a business book. But it seeks to answer questions that are relevant to businesspeople, educators, designers, marketers, athletes, policymakers, and citizens alike. How can we nurture the instinct that all human beings have to walk in other people’s shoes? How can we, in turn, create a wider sense of empathy to connect larger organizations to the world around them? And how can we leverage that widespread empathy to be an engine for growth and change?